Spring bear in montana

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I’m doing a spring bear hunt in Montana. I am looking strongly at unit 106. The plan is to camp by the truck and hike to glassing points 2 to 5 miles back and to bring 2 days worth of provisions to camp in the back country if needed. I’m not looking for some one to guide or mentor just some one to tag along that wants a bear as well. I’m planning on scheduling at most 2 weeks off to do a 8 to 10 day hunt if needed. I will also be doing some trout fishing of which I have no experience but alot of enthusiasm. I myself have never done a hunt like this and I am very flexible with schedule. I am looking for some one that can meet me for part of the time or for the duration of the hunt. I’ve been planning this for over a year and I am hoping to not trek it alone.

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